Sunday, February 26, 2012

Project Life 2012 :: Week 5

Welcome to Project Life 2012, Week 5 (a few weeks late;)). There are lots of extra inserts this week, as this is the week I traveled to Charleston, South Carolina to attend a treasury symposium for work. So, here it is...

This is my album open to week five. You can see the 'regular' layout on the left, and the front of the first insert on the right.

Here is a closer look at the left side...

Here is the front of the first insert. I used a divided page protector that I got at Office Depot and included my hotel key and folio, a card from the hotel, and a postcard I sent Sophia.

Here is the back side of the insert. I cut the card from the hotel (which I got for tweeting some photos of the hotel) and turned around the bottom part so that it can be seen on the reverse side of the page protector. You can also see the back of the postcard.

Next I included a simple 4" x 6" photo protector. On the front is a postcard I picked up from the gift shop in my hotel.

The back side of this insert is a little card the hotel concierge provided telling me where to go to book a horse-drawn carriage ride. The hotel had lots of these for a variety of places (e.g., restaurants, pharmacies, tourist attractions, etc.).

Next is an insert with several photos from the horse-drawn carriage tour I took of the city on Sunday morning. I used the photo pocket page design B and cut off the right hand side. I also included some journaling on one of the 3" x 4" grid cards.

Here is the back side of this insert. More photos from the tour, a bit more journaling, and a card from one of the places I had dinner while in Charleston.

The next insert includes more photos from the carriage tour and a daily weather card that was provided every night during turn-down service. For this insert I used a 6" x 12" divided page protector.

And here is the back side with more photos of the beautiful buildings I got to see during the tour.

The next insert is a simple 8.5" x 11" page protector that includes some larger memorabilia that didn't fit well anywhere else. In the front is "signature" magazine. I picked this up at the Gibbes Museum of Art, where I attended a special after hours reception. This was an awesome event. If you ever have a change to go to an art museum after hours with only a small group of people, I highly recommend it. There were several times when I would have an entire gallery to myself!

On the back side is a city guide provided by the hotel and a menu from the restaurant where I had dinner my first evening in Charleston.

The next insert is all about Instagrams. I did a quick blog post while in Charleston with some of the Instagrams I had taken. I used a 9-pocket page protector and cut off the last column of pockets. Front...


Here's the actual right hand side of the typical two-page per week spread that I do. This finished out the week.

Last, here's a look at the entire two-page spread without all the extra inserts.

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