Sunday, February 12, 2012

The pink rock.

This afternoon, we went to Grandma Jean's house for usual. We go there almost every single Sunday. Aunt Susie also joined us for lunch, which is also pretty customary. This afternoon, however, was a little different. Sophia went with Aunt Susie to a cousin's house across the creek for an afternoon of play time. When we hadn't heard from anyone nearly four hours later, we decided to call and find out what was going on. No answer. Shortly, though, Aunt Susie called and we headed over to pick up Sophia. When we arrived, Aunt Susie was on the driveway with something pink in her hands. She showed it to me and said that Sophia painted it for me. Here it is, folks! My valentine from Sophia...

It's a nearly heart-shaped rock that she painted pink. What's more, Sophia picked it out of the river when they all went on a 'hike' this afternoon. She lugged this rock (which is pretty heavy) all the way back to the house and then painted it. She is so proud of it! I'm so proud of her!

Of course, even though she painted it 'for me', the rock now resides on the dresser in Sophia's bedroom;)

I LOVE this story. I love that this story happened because Sophia had a spontaneous afternoon of play and exploration with cousins/aunts. I love that Sophia is so excited about her art project. I love that we have an extended family close by that enjoys having Sophia around and sharing these experiences with her. What a wonderful day!

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