Thursday, February 2, 2012


Late in the evening on January 1, I happened across a few photos in my Instagram photo stream with the hashtag #janphotoaday. When I explored a little deeper, I found out that someone had created a list of items - one per day in January - that participants would photograph and post on Instagram. I thought to myself, why not? I already do a photo per day for Project Life...why not add this? So, here are my photos. The descriptions are at the bottom. Photos are left to right, top to bottom.

1) You 2) Breakfast 3) Something you adore 4) Letterbox
5) Something you wore 6) Makes you smile 7) Favorite
8) Your sky 9) Daily routine 10) Childhood 11) Where you sleep
12) Close-up 13) In your bag 14) Something you're reading
15) Happiness 16) Morning 17) Water 18) Something you bought
19) Sweet 20) Someone you love 21) Reflection 22) Your shoes
23) Something old 24) Guilty pleasure 25) Something you made
26) Color 27) Lunch 28) Light 29) Inside your fridge 30)Nature
31) You, Again

You can see all of these photos in detail on my Instagram photo stream! You can also click on the photo collage to see it larger.

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