Thursday, January 5, 2012

There's an app for that.

Some people that know me know that I used to write down what I wore every day, so that I wouldn't repeat outfits. Some would be surprised to see me write 'used to', as they assume I still do it. It might seem silly to some, and OCD to others, but I actually had a good reason for tracking my daily wardrobe! If you write down what you wear, you realize which things you wear over and over (keepers!) and which things you have a difficult time coordinating with an outfit, or those that no longer fit well (donate!). Of course, there are numerous fashion bloggers out there who not only write down what they wear, they photograph it from multiple angles and do an entire blog post about it. That is definitely NOT me. I am simply trying to make sure I wear all the clothes in my closet, and trying to mix things up a bit to keep it interesting. It also means I need to buy fewer clothes, because I look like I have new outfits when I pair different articles of clothing together.

In the past, I actually had a little mini-journal that I purchased at Barnes & Noble conveniently titled, "What I Wore". I used it for quite some time. However, after having Sophia was born, and the craziness of life creeped in, I stopped keeping up with it.

Enter technology. I know most folks have seen the Apple commercials with the tag line, "There's an app for that." Well, it's true! There's an app for just about everything, including tracking your daily wardrobe. I did a simple search at the App Store and found this...

It's an app that let's you take a photo of yourself everyday, and even geotag it if you want, to help you remember what you wore. You can simply browse back through your outfits to see if you wore that favorite black skirt a couple of weeks ago or a couple of days ago. The basic app is free and allows you to keep up to 30 days/photos. You can do an in app purchase ($0.99) to upgrade to unlimited photos/days, which I did because I like to keep from repeating an exact outfit for at least five weeks. I know, I know. That probably seems either silly or really arbitrary. However, it really does mean I wear ALL the clothes in my closet! You can also have the app remind you at a certain time each day to take a photo.

My reminder is set for in the morning, and I grab it and snap a photo in the mirror in my closet before heading out the door...

what I wore today

Please excuse the fingerprints on the mirror! There is a certain 4-year-old in my house who likes to look at herself really closely in this mirror;)

There is another app called What I Wore Today, but it's built more as a social networking app where you share your outfits and list articles of clothing and which labels you're wearing. Again, not what I was looking for. I'll just stick with my simple photo a day reminder!

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