Monday, January 9, 2012

Sophia at Four.

Today we had Sophia's four year checkup at the pediatrician. Overall, it was a good, uneventful appointment. The picture above is my sweet girl waiting patiently to see the doctor. You can also see her 'stats' on the photo.

She is a little small for her age, but I think she is JUST FINE. She's actually quite a bit bigger than some of her peers at school. Plus, I think they measured her a little short. Today's appointment was simply a checkup. We deferred her immunization boosters to another appointment because Sophia has had her fair share of rough doctor visits in the past few months. It was refreshing to have a simple, brief, uneventful visit with a healthcare professional today. She is progressing well and had no real issues to discuss today. Of course, we see so many other doctors, the visits with the pediatrician are usually brief by comparison.

In December, Sophia had some pretty thorough neuropsychological testing, as well as a speech language evaluation and a hearing screen at the UAMS Centers for Children. Toby and I will go back Wednesday of this week to find out the results of the cognitive testing and the speech evaluation. I did learn the day of the testing, however, that Sophia failed the hearing screen. We were supposed to get that checked at the pediatrician's office today, but she decided to refer us to the ENT clinic that did Sophia's nasal procedure last year. We will see the audiologist there. I'm not sure yet when that appointment will be, though I'm not too concerned. I think the 'failed' hearing screen was more the result of testing methodology than actual lack of hearing. I'm praying that it's something simple like that. I'm also praying for really good results from the other testing when we go for the results this week.

I am continually amazed at my sweet Sophia. She works so hard in therapy and has made so much progress in the past year. She is a very loving, smart, precious child. She has a spectacular imagination and a great love of learning. Her favorite word these days is 'why?';) I just can't believe my BABY is four!

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