Friday, January 20, 2012


In December, Sophia had some pretty in-depth and thorough testing done at the recommendation of her neurodevelopmental pediatrician. It included cognitive testing, a speech therapy evaluation, a parent interview and a hearing screen. I was pretty surprised to hear that Sophia failed her hearing screen. My first thought was that she was tired, hungry and disinterested, and that's why she didn't pass. The specialist referred us to our regular pediatrician for a follow up screen.

Sophia had her four-year check up a couple of weeks ago, and the pediatrician just referred us to the ENT clinic for the hearing test. I was disappointed not to have it done then, but okay with the fact that we would have an audiologist do the follow up testing.

We went to the audiologist this afternoon. Sophia was cooperative and didn't fuss, which is a blessing. She followed instructions pretty well, and even paid attention when listening for sounds in the special headphones...

I am relieved to say that she passed all the various tests with flying colors. The audiologist did not see any signs of concern. Sophia most likely had some congestion the day of the first test, which may have caused her to not hear the lower range sounds as well.

No follow up was recommended unless we notice a slowing of her language development or sense that she's not hearing us. I'm grateful that this was much ado about nothing. My sweet girl doesn't need anything else to deal with;)

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Jessica said...

Praising God for a positive appointment!