Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year's Challenge

I am terrible at keeping New Year's resolutions. I have to admit that I rarely exhibit enough willpower to see them through. So, I haven't made resolutions the past couple of years. This year, however, I did accept a New Year's challenge.

I accepted the 52 Week Organized Home Challenge. I am generally a pretty neat person, but with a hectic family life and schedule, some things just get out of control. The goal for this challenge is not to redo your whole house and every system in it in a few days. Rather, a new challenge is introduced weekly to give you time to work on it and to change old habits. This week's challenge involves kitchen organization...the counter tops and sink.

My kitchen counters are generally pretty neat, with the exception of two areas: the phone area and the sink. For example, this is what they looked like yesterday morning...

I have taken the suggestions in the challenge and have completely cleaned my counters and spent about 20 minutes cleaning/purging the phone area. It really shouldn't be that difficult to maintain. I just have to prevent stuff from collecting here. Here's the after from later in the day...

The other area that has been a BIG challenge for me is keeping the sink empty of dirty dishes. The article from this week's challenge is right; if you allow dirty dishes to remain in the sink, the whole kitchen suddenly becomes a dumping ground and ends up messy in minutes. I'm going to try to adopt the 'twice a day' rule of making sure the sink is emptied two times - once in the morning before leaving for work, and once in the evening after dinner/before bed. I'm hoping this system will work and will also help make sure the dishwasher is loaded and the dishes are washed when needed. Here's what the sink looked like right before bed last night. Success!

Anyone can sign up for the challenge. I simply 'liked' them on Facebook and subscribed to the weekly e-mail. I'll keep you posted...(accountability helps;))


Taylor @ Home-Storage-Solutions-101.com said...

Thanks so much for joining the 52 Weeks to an Organized Home Challenge. I love your before and after pictures. If you'd like to be featured in the hall of fame I would be happy to include a link to your blog, as long as I have permission to use photos. If you're interested head on over and submit your photos and link to the hall of fame! (Either way though, thanks again for joining and keep me updated on how the challenge is going for you over the coming year).

Amy said...

Great job. I am in the challenge too. I will be posting my pics today. You are right the sink is the hardest!
Amy at winecountrymama.com