Saturday, October 15, 2011


This year, I decided that in addition to shopping at the local Rhea Lana sale, I'd also be a consignor. I thought it might be a great way to, how shall I say it, reduce the volume of little girl's clothes hoarded in our closets. So, I hauled my 98 items (which was really more like 130) up to the sale last week. Part of the benefit of being a consignor, aside from getting more money for this stuff than I could ever get at a garage sale, is the chance to shop the pre-sale, before it's open to the public. I went this afternoon and actually got quite a few things. Because Sophia really wants to wear ONLY dresses right now, that's what I shopped for mostly. My haul included 12 dresses/jumpers, one gown, one skirt/shirt combo, and three jackets/coats. All for less than $100!!

Now I just need all the items I took up there to sell!!

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