Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pinterest Inspiration

I recently (yesterday) joined Pinterest. Not that I need another place to waste spend time on the Internet. I do like that I can keep track of things I find on the Internet that I like or want to do someday. Home decor, DIY projects, places to go, etc.

One of the first things I came across was this...

What a neat idea for dressing up an otherwise totally boring and utilitarian item in the house. Sort of like the frame over the peephole on Rachel and Monica's door in the sitcom 'Friends'. I decided to do something similar in our house. I picked up a frame at Hobby Lobby (50% off, of course), which was glossy black. No big deal...nothing a can of green spray paint couldn't cure...

I used Command Picture Hanging Strips to mount it to the wall. I'm actually really pleased with how it turned out! One DIY project found on Pinterest down...a bunch to go. By the way, you can follow me on Pinterest here.

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