Sunday, August 14, 2011

Tough week...even for a tough kid.

This past week was a really tough one for Sophia. On Monday evening, we decided to have 'breakfast for dinner', and Sophia wanted scrambled eggs. She asked if she could help make them, and I agreed. We brought one of her step stools in the kitchen, cracked a couple of eggs in the skillet, then I let her hold the spatula to start scrambling. Unfortunately, it wasn't too long until her little arm got tired, and she dropped it just enough that it touched the edge of the pan, and burned her arm. She took it in stride...just pulled her arm away and said, "Ouch!" It wasn't until we were getting ready for her bath later that I noticed it really did leave a mark on her. I felt soooo bad!

Thankfully, Tuesday was uneventful. Wednesday, Sophia had a regularly scheduled appointment with the neurologist for her Botox injections. Right now, she receives them every three months. I felt terrible that I wasn't able to attend the appointment; Toby had doctor duty that day. It's getting harder and harder to go to these appointments, because Sophia is old enough and aware enough now to know what's about to happen. She cried during the shots, but I think she rebounded pretty quickly, especially when they whipped out the Simba stuffed animal!

Now, fast forward to Friday. I received a call from Sophia's teacher that she had fallen off one of the climbing towers during water day, and wasn't wanting to walk on her foot. She kept saying, "My heel hurts!" The teacher said it wasn't really swelling, and they were able to put her brace back on. Well, as the morning went on, Sophia was refusing to put any weight on her leg. About the time all this was happening, I had gotten notice that I needed to attend an unexpected, mandatory meeting in Ft. Smith that afternoon. I scrambled to get Toby out of teacher in-service, and track down my mom to help, and they took her to the walk-in clinic to find out what was going on. Bless their hearts, they had to wait for over an hour-and-a-half, only to be told that the x-ray machine at the clinic wouldn't suffice. to the diagnostic clinic for multiple x-rays. Thankfully, that process went pretty quickly. I actually got home from my meeting about the same time they got home from the x-ray appointment. About an hour later, we found out that nothing was broken, and that we needed to try to get her to use the leg/ankle/foot. Well, that's easier said than done when Sophia was screaming, "Oww! Oww!", every time we tried to get her to walk on it.

Saturday morning, she still wasn't willing to put any weight on it, so I called our physical therapist, Ms. K. I hated to bother her so early on a Saturday morning, but knew I needed someone familiar with Sophia to help us figure out what was really going on. Bless her heart, she drove all the way out to our house and spent quite a bit of time evaluating Sophia and helping us understand what was going on...

She thinks Sophia 'tweaked' her Achilles somehow. She showed us some stretches to do and how to ice it down to help with the minor swelling. Later in the day, we actually got Sophia to limp along a little. Progress! Of course, just when we thought she was doing really well, we let go of her and she lost her balance and busted her lip. Poor kid just couldn't catch a break! I was really feeling like a lousy parent...

This morning, we were back to crawling, as she didn't want to walk on it again. We've worked during the day to get it limbered back up and she can limp along again. We will be going to our regular pediatrician tomorrow (hopefully) to see if we need to do anything further. I guess it's a good thing my mom was already planning to keep Sophia at home Monday and Tuesday (school's closed for teacher work days). We probably wouldn't be going if Sophia was still hobbling along!

This week really proved what I've known all along. Sophia is one tough kid! I just hope life takes it easy on her for a while now!


Jessica said...

Bless her heart! Sophia is such a sweet girl! : ) I hope this week is much better for her {and you!} : )

Karen Akins said...

I just now saw this. Aww, man, hang in there! Hope it heals quickly. :(