Sunday, May 1, 2011

Well, that was embarrassing.

Our pantry has lately been visited by some unwanted creatures...moths. I'm most embarrassed to admit that! I decided today that I'd had enough. Thus began the quest to rid the pantry of any unwanted inhabitants, outdated food and sticky syrup rings on the shelves. We literally removed Every. Single. Item. from the pantry! We wiped down Every. Single. Surface.

I wish I had a before shot of the pantry. Well...actually, I don't. That would be too embarrassing to post! So, here is an "in progress" shot.

After much cleaning, purging, reorganizing and a trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond, our pantry is now clean and sparkly! And pretty bare...

We threw out bags (yes, plural) of stuff. I won't say how many. We also collected quite a few items to be donated to the food pantry where my mom volunteers. It feels wonderful to have at least this little corner of our house so clean and organized.

After having admitted to such a 'dirty' little secret, I'm hoping others out there will fess up to having some icky corner(s) in their house as well!

Now, what to tackle next...

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