Thursday, May 5, 2011

THIS is the dentist office??

Today Sophia had a follow-up dental appointment. We were referred to Pediatric Dental Associates by my dentist, who saw her a couple of months ago. Apparently, her enamel is weak on her back teeth, probably due to all the medications, etc., she's had since birth. Sophia did pretty well at that initial visit, so I wasn't too concerned about this one.

As it turns out, I shouldn't have worried one iota! This place is like no other dentist office I've ever seen. It looks like the dental version of a Rainforest Cafe. There are jungle 'animals' and 'trees' everywhere. And the colors are bright and neon! They use technology extensively, from the check in process, to x-rays, to patient records.

The best technology, though, has to be the televisions mounted in the ceiling! Each patient is asked what movie or show they'd like to watch, and chances are they have it. Sophia chose The Little Mermaid, of course. They even have really cute headphones so the kids can hear the audio without disturbing the neighbors! Does this kid look nervous to you...?

Nope! The appointment went pretty well. The bad news is that, as Dr. G. expected, she needs to have sealant put on her molars, and she needs one stainless steel crown. I hate that she will have to have so much dental work at such a young age, but I want to take care of those precious little teeth, even if she will just pull them out in a few years! The good news is that the dentist thinks she can do the work in clinic, rather than having to go to the hospital for full sedation. My guess is, if they keep the Disney princess movies going, they can pretty much do whatever they want!!


Anonymous said...

Madoc had a similar issue where his teeth were soft and he was getting cavities at three years old. Dentist surmised he must have had a high fever during the development of those teeth and the enamel didn't form correctly. Ended up with fillings and sealant. Took two trips to the dentist to get it done. Cheers. b.

Janus Andersen said...

Hi Susan

Just stumbled over your blog. Hope you are doing great and that all is well with you.

We used to attend Prairie Grove High together in 1991/92. I was an exch. student from Denmark. You are welcome to write me on

All my best ... Janus