Saturday, January 8, 2011

The 7 - Year Itch.

Lately, I have been experiencing the seven-year itch. Not that itch. The itch to redecorate! We moved in to our home seven years ago this January 31. With the exception of a very few furniture and decorative items, we have made almost no changes to the interior. I suppose I should be happy about this...I think it means we made good choices during the design and construction of our home!

So, I am on a mission. A mission to redo several rooms in our home. I'm not talking about major structural changes or even a significant design shift. Just some tweaking! Perhaps some new paint colors (gasp!)? The goal is to do this on a very tight budget, as well. It's time to freshen things up in the Slinkard household!

The core rooms (living, dining) of our house tend to be dark due to the overhangs of the front and back porches. I want to lighten up the spaces and make them even more comfortable than they already are. I also want to change the design style - slightly - of our kitchen and breakfast areas...

The master bedroom...well, that's another story. We want to replace the carpet with hardwood floors to match those in the rest of the house. We've already gotten a bid, and it's currently not in the budget. We also want a wholesale change in furnishings and bedding. It could be a while before we tackle this room.

Sophia's room will not have any major changes, for now. The middle of the room is nice and open, allowing for lots of play space. While she's still using her crib, which is converted into a daybed, we have the benefit of the extra room. I'm still content with the colors and furniture in there, and she has not developed opinions about the decor of her room (yet).

There are a few other spaces in our house that I want to tackle, as well. The office needs hardwood floors, new paint, a new curtain and, eventually, a new desk that functions better. However, it works just fine right now, so I'll focus on the other spaces first. I also want to make a few adjustments to our back porch/outdoor living room.

My plan is to focus on one space at a time, and capture the before and after (and during?) of each one. Here's to fresh spaces in the new year!

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Jessica said...

Those book shelves in Miss S's room are FABULOUS!!!!