Sunday, December 5, 2010

Our home for the holidays.

A few photos of our home decorated for the holidays!

The wreath...same as the past few years.

On the dining table. Very simple.

Santas on the sideboard.

In the foyer. Santa photo from this year!

Nutcrackers, etc.

The mantle. Last year, we decided to just decorate the mantle, in lieu of putting up a tree (safer for Sophia). This year, we have a tree, but I also decided to do the mantle as well!

On the breakfast room table. Much simpler than last year's decorations.

Traditional Christmas colors on the kitchen counter.

The hodge podge tree. I call it that because it is literally a hodge podge of decorations. Usually, I decorate our tree (or trees) with a specific color or theme. This year, we have a real tree, rather than an artificial tree, and I decided to just pull out a bunch of random ornaments and cram them on! Voila!

Now to wrap presents to go underneath...

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Jessica said...

Your house is so pretty, Susan! I just love it! Can I move in? Ha! You have a great mantle, too. Beautiful!