Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Closet CPR

Last night I ended up performing a little CPR (clean-purge-reorganize) on Sophia's closet and dresser. She received a lot of new clothes for Christmas and her birthday. As I was putting some of them away, I noticed I was running out of space.

I forced myself to look at every piece of clothing to determine if we would realistically use it. Many of the articles of clothing have simply been outgrown. I think I'd been hanging on to them for sentimental reasons only. I also found a drawer full of clothes that my mom has picked up at garage sales, etc., that Sophia can now wear, adding to the pile of clothes to be hung up, or 'put into rotation', as I say. I literally took every stitch of clothing out of the closet and dresser. I culled probably 40 or 50 pieces of clothing. That looks like a lot when I type it, but considering how many clothes you need with a little one (especially during potty training!), it doesn't seem so bad.

I moved all her dresses to the top rack, and shirts to the bottom. I also moved her unmentionables drawer down so she can choose her own, which is a BIG deal lately. I made a drawer just for dress up clothes that she can easily access. And, of course, everything is organized by type of clothing and color...

Next up: the toy bins!!


Jessica said...

Love when you blog about organization!

Jessica said...

You are my hero, Susan! I hope you do a few posts on your kit- i'd love to see how you set it up. The Amber edition is really pretty. I'm a huge fan of Becky- she is such a neat person! Good luck with your project, too. I'm glad to know I have a blogging buddy out there who is taking a daily pic. : )