Sunday, October 10, 2010

Well, that didn't last long.

Last Friday was Parent-Teacher Conference day at Sophia's school. Overall, we had a very good discussion. Sophia is doing well, and has adjusted nicely to being in a 'Primary' classroom. I asked her teacher what kinds of work (activities) Sophia is choosing during the day. Ms. Kerry indicated that Sophia tends to prefer practical life work, such as pouring, sweeping and setting the table. In fact, she likes it so much, the teacher asked if she had a play kitchen at home. When I said "No," the teacher recommended we get one.

It actually sounded like a great idea to me. I was thinking we could get one for Christmas or birthday. I prefer not to have lots of large plastic toys in my home, so I knew I would look for one made out of wood. We have some other toys by a company called Plan Toys that makes really good quality toys that are well constructed and don't use harmful paints/materials. I have purchased all of these items from a local store call Terra Tots, whose owner I happen to call a friend.

After the conference was over, I looked online and saw that Plan Toys does, indeed, make kitchens. They have several items including the stove, a refrigerator, and a microwave. They also have lots of food and accessories, as well. These items can be a bit pricier than regular Walmart/Target type toys. So, I decided to call down to Terra Tots to see if they could give me some more information. Bernice, the owner, wasn't available, but when I asked the associate if they carry the kitchens, she said, "Yes. We have one on mega sale right now. And it's pink." OMGoodness! I told her I would be down at lunch to look at it.

Well, needless to say, this came home with me...

I sent Toby several text messages about the discussion with the teacher and my subsequent score at Terra Tots. I told Toby it would be really hard for me to keep it hidden until Christmas. Toby basically said, "Chalk it up to therapy, and give it to her."

What can I say? I couldn't hold out. My idea that this would make a great Christmas present didn't last long. I guess it's more of a Columbus Day present...;)

Anyway, it's now set up in her room, and she's already enjoying playing with it. We already had a set of fruits and vegetables by Plan Toys, and I picked up another box of 'food and beverage' items while I was there Friday.

Something tells me she'll get more pieces and more food for Christmas...

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