Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The report from Granny.

On most Tuesday evenings lately, my mom (aka Granny) comes over to our house to stay with Sophia while Toby tutors and I attend Bible study. And on most Tuesday evenings, I call my mom on the way home from Bible study to have the 'How did it go tonight?' conversation. Here is the report from Granny for this evening:

Sophia was still eating dinner (sometimes she is so European...she takes forever to eat!), so Granny decided to bring some laundry to the table to fold. Included in this particular batch of laundry were some of Sophia's....unmetionables. Sophia told Granny, "I wanna wear my Tinkerbell panties." (Imagine this being said in a very southern accent;)) She said it a few more times. Finally, Granny said, "You can wear those the next time you need clean panties," and thought no more of it.

Well, after Sophia got done eating, she got out of the chair and walked around the table to where the stack of unmentionables were resting, including the pair with Tinkerbell on them. Granny reports that Sophia reached up, started patting the stack and got a very mischevious look on her face. Granny asked her, "Do you need to go potty?", to which Sophia replied, "No. I pee-pee my panties!" And then proceeded to smile. And insist that now she could wear the Tinkerbell panties.

Does this look like a kid who could do anything so sneaky?

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