Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Wish List

I think pretty much everyone has a list, whether written or not, of things they'd love to have. Maybe it's a new handbag. Maybe it's a new car. Maybe it's a day off! Well, a while back, I decided to write down my "wish" list. These are things that I would really like to have and am willing to hunt/save/wait for. Some are small and inexpensive...others not quite so inexpensive. I find that by having a written list, I focus on that instead of spending my money on random things that are okay, but aren't the things I'm really hoping to find. On my list is also a mix of old and new. Lately, I've been focused on buying previously owned (loved) things. They are often less expensive and are much better for the environment!

Here are some of the items on my list:

set of vintage lockers (source)

vintage scarves to add to my collection (source)

Fuji Instax Mini camera in pink

a rolling recycle bin cart similar to this (source)

a vintage Mexican peasant dress similar to one of these (source for both)

a set of red Tolix cafe chairs for outdoors (source)

I may never actually acquire all these things--those Tolix chairs are really expensive in my book--but that's my wish list. Guess I better save lots of pennies!

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