Sunday, October 3, 2010

My new love affair.

I'm having a love affair. With a coffee maker. I admit it.

I'm not normally one to be so smitten with a piece of equipment/gadget, except maybe some new camera gear. So, when I received a new Keurig single-cup coffee maker for my birthday from some great friends, my first thought was, "This is nice. No more wasting a whole (or half) pot of coffee!"

Well, let me tell you what, folks. This machine is awesome!! And I'm not even that much of a coffee drinker! You just choose a little neatly packaged 'cup' of your preferred coffee/tea/cocoa, plop it in the top, fill the canister with water, and out comes your personal cup of freshly brewed liquid within a couple of minutes. No waste, no mess!

The easy clean-up is also one of my favorite things about this machine. Simply remove the 'used' coffee cup and toss in the trash. No messy grinds falling on the floor or getting stuck in the crevices of the machine. I also love that there are many varieties of coffees and teas you can buy to fit your personal taste.

So far, we are loving the French Vanilla, the Donut Shop blend, and the Hot Cocoa.

Thanks so much T & C for this wonderful gift! It's getting lots of use;)

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