Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My husband...the crafty one.

If someone asked, I'd probably say I'm the creative one in the family. What with my love of photography, scrapbooking and decorating, that makes sense. Sometimes I forget, though, just how creative, and dare I say it...crafty, Toby is! He has done digital video production for years, which is very much a creative endeavor. He is also very 'handy'. He and his friend Jerry have created some pretty fabulous things out of wood for our house...

A few weeks ago, we were driving somewhere (don't recall), and Susie happened to be with us. Toby mentioned that he needed to create a 'tree' of some sort to represent math to hang in the hallway at school. Apparently, all the teachers will be creating some piece with a tree theme as well. Toby asked us to brainstorm with him on what he might create. I grabbed a notebook out of my bag and started sketching. Toby mentioned that he wanted to do something with root words related to math. You know... like para-, hemi-, geo-. I suggested having each limb hold one or two roots, which would be represented by apples, and the endings for that root word would be leaves surrounding the apple.

Toby took the ideas and ran with it. He created a 'math-like' tree which I think looks amazing! He created the tree, the 'geometric' leaves, and of course, the apples are like Apple, Inc.'s logo!

No all that's left is to add the title and some grass. That's my husband! The crafty (kinda nerdy) one!!

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