Thursday, September 23, 2010


Sophia's new braces came in, so we went back up to Snell today for the fitting. Thankfully, it went well! They even had a pair of the black Mary Jane style shoes from Hatchbacks that we usually order. I'm so grateful for that, because she usually can't start wearing her new braces for a few days until I can order shoes and have them shipped. A great big 'thank you' to Jennifer at Snell for grabbing these for us!

What's different about these braces (AFOs as they are called) is that they have a hinge, which allows for more movement at the ankle. Sophia's previous braces have been fixed. That came in handy when she was learning to walk because of the additional support. Now that she's doing pretty well with walking, the hinged AFOs will give her more flexibility and help improve her ankle strength. I'm hoping the new braces, coupled with the Botox treatments we will start next month, will mean more great improvements in Sophia's mobility!

p.s. Right after she got the braces and shoes on for the first time, we noticed her standing and bending at the knee, which also allowed her to bend at the ankle. She kept 'squatting' like this several times in a row. I guess she's getting used to the difference in how the new braces function!

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