Sunday, August 1, 2010

weekend creative.

Although not a regular subscriber, I will occasionally buy an issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine. Earlier this year, I picked up the February issue. As I was browsing through it, I saw an article about a woman in New York who was having a gallery showing of her 'scrap boxes'. Scrap boxes are basically shadow boxes filled with a variety of stuff/goodies/paper to document or preserve items. The artist's boxes centered on family, including boxes full of beads her daughters used to play with, and the onesies they wore. There was also a box filled with bits of paper, cards and photos from a trip to Paris. I immediately fell in love with this particular box. I knew I would find a way to use that idea some day.

Well, some day was yesterday. When we were in Germany a few weeks ago, I purposefully collected ticket stubs, postcards, maps, etc. to make a scrap box for Sophia on our return. Yesterday, I put it all together.

The background is a city map of Frankfurt. I just layered all the other items on top at various depths.

I also included a couple of photos from the trip, along with the other memorabilia.

I really enjoyed this project, and it didn't take that long to complete. I think I have enough items from our trip to Disney World last year that I may make Sophia a scrap box for that trip. In fact, I hope to have a growing collection for her!

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Mark and Cari said...

I love it! I think that's a great idea!