Monday, August 2, 2010

We are a pair.

Our anniversary gifts to one another: a new pair of boots/shoes

14 years ago today, Toby and I became a married pair. We have definitely had a very full 14 years. Last year I did a post at 13 years about what those years included. This past year has flown by just as quickly as the previous ones. I am still a banker...Toby is still a teacher. But we are growing every day, especially as parents to Sophia. Our lives are very full, and for that we are grateful. Here's to another year as a couple...a matched pair!

p.s. In addition to my new Toms shoes, Toby also said I could add to my growing collection, so I've ordered this lovely....

from one of my favorite online sellers. I also received this sweet bouquet of flowers today at my office!

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