Saturday, August 28, 2010

So. How did I do?

Last year on my 33rd birthday, I made a list of 34 things to do before my 34th birthday. Well, today is my birthday. So, how did I do? Let's see...

1) Finish Sophia's baby book through year one.
  • Nope. Didn't get this one done. I did, however, start the book and make a lot of progress, including giving myself permission to do lots of digital scrapbook pages which go a lot faster. I've decided not to put a time deadline on this project. I want to enjoy the journey through this documentation process.
2) Learn 250 words in German.
  • Done. Of course, it helps that we went to Germany in July and I got quite a bit of practice!
3) Blog at least once a week.
  • It's obvious that this one didn't happen. I wanted to. Really. I just think it's not a realistic expectation for me to blog 'regularly'. I blog when I feel like it and have time. I want this blog to be like an online journal for our family, and it's okay if there are some gaps in that journal.
4) Clean and organize the garage.
  • Nope. didn't do this one, either. Actually, this summer Toby and I did work on the garage and purged quite a bit of stuff and straightened other things. We still have much work to do. Maybe next year...?
5) Finish utility room lockers.
  • Done...

6) Have a professional family portrait made.
  • Yep. Did it...

7) Finish imaging all financial records.
  • In hindsight, this was not a good goal. I didn't realize what a paper hoarder I am. I'm usually good about purging and letting things go, but I have MOUNDS of financial records. I did scan quite a lot, but have more to go, especially with all of Sophia's medical records. But, progress was made.
8) Omitted for privacy reasons.
  • Completed (thank God).
9) Drink at least two bottles of water per day.
  • Ummmm...not so much. I am doing better, though. Of course, the cute reusable water bottle I got for Christmas helps! Still a daily struggle for me to consume an appropriate (healthy) amount of the stuff.
10) Finish Sophia's quilt.
  • Mom? I'm gonna need your help with this one! Maybe this fall when the weather cools enough to actually need a quilt.
11) Do a monthly (or weekly) meal plan.
  • Not exactly. Didn't really work on this much at all until a few weeks ago. I subscribed to a weekly meal plan at e-mealz which provides me a weekly meal plan I can download on Thursdays. It includes seven relatively easy meals with recipes and a shopping list, which is tailored to my chosen grocery store. So far, pretty good. We don't use it every day, but it has taken a lot of the guess work out of the 'What's for dinner?' discussion. It also makes grocery shopping easier and less expensive!
12) Purge my scarf collection.
  • Done...
13) Finish editing all digital photos.
  • Who was I kidding?!? Right now, I have over 12,500 photos in my iPhoto library!! Although a great deal of them have been edited/saved/scrapbooked, there are hundreds (probably thousands) still to go. I just need to grab those moments when I can to edit a few here and there and one day, when Sophia is in college, I might be caught up!
14) Make a new wreath for the front door.
  • I'm thinking a new wreath for fall is in order. Hasn't actually been constructed yet, though...
15) Send two handwritten notes/cards per month.
  • Well, this didn't happen either. With the prevalence of e-mail/texting/Facebook, it's just so easy to jot an electronic note, rather than sitting down with paper and pen to draft correspondence. Not to mention addressing/stamping/mailing it. I always feel good when I do, so maybe I just need to enjoy that feeling on the rare occasion I do send them, rather than beating myself up for not living up to a 'quota'.
16) Decorate front porch.
  • Does changing out the pillows on our two willow chairs count?
17) Practice photography skills weekly.
  • Although I have not taken time specifically each week to practice my skills, I suppose I have been doing this in a way. Back in January, I began participating in a Project 365 - a project wherein you take at least one photo every day for an entire year. I chose to do it on a calendar year basis, though others start at random points during the year. I enjoy this. Some days the photos really good, other days are pretty crappy. That's okay. It's still practice, and it's still documenting my family's life! You can see the entire series of daily photos here.
18) Recover breakfast room chairs.
  • Decided to wait until Sophia is a little older and less likely to spill/drop things on the fabric. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it!)
19) Purchase at least one piece of original artwork.
  • I purchased a few prints on etsy, but that's about it. We are attending a fundraiser in October for United Cerebral Palsy called Brilliant Strokes. It's an art auction! Hopefully, we will come home with an original piece!
20) Walk 30 minutes per day, 3 times per week.
  • So did not happen. I would tell myself it's too cold/hot/windy/pollinated to do it. We have been outside more this summer with Sophia, but I still need to work on incorporating activity and exercise into my routine.
21) Read one book per month (for fun).
  • I haven't actually counted, but I'm pretty sure I met this goal. For quite a while after Sophia was born, my reading time was moved to the back burner. Then my reading time involved Charlie and Lola, Dora, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie...well, you get the idea. This year, I have taken more time to read for my own enjoyment. It feels good.
22) Read at least six personal development books.
  • Not sure I made it to six, but I did read a few. I'm currently reading The Tyranny of E-mail.
23) Organize my scrap space.
  • Getting there...

24) Make a scrapbook page about this list.
  • All my free scrapbooking time was used up in working on Sophia's baby book!
25) Stop sweating the small stuff.
  • Not sure if this will ever really happen for me, but with the help of my life coach, I'm working on it!
26) Get a new pair of tennis shoes.
  • As we saw above, I haven't really implemented my walking goal. So, can we guess if this goal was met?
27) Find and start a new daily devotional.
  • Found. Started. Not very consistent:(
28) Re-establish cleaning routine.
  • It's called taking advantage of my mom when she keeps Sophia every other Wednesday. Need to do this one seriously!
29) Buy a new pair of dress boots.
  • Got 'em. Also got a new pair of cowboy boots from my in-laws for Christmas!
30) Make an actual budget for Christmas spending.
  • Yeah, right... With a two year old?
31) Travel to Germany.
  • Yay!!!! Been there, done that. Blog post to follow. Preview below...

32) Send photos of Calloway to Cari.
  • I sent a few, but still need to burn a disc for her. I should really try to do this before next weekend when she will be in town!
33) Get a new home computer.
  • Done. Times two (one for Toby, one for me)...

34) Learn to live with less.
  • First of all, this is not really an objectively measurable goal. I know I have been buying fewer things for myself (clothes, scrapbooking supplies, etc.), but we have still collected new toys and clothes for Sophia (some necessary) and quite a few new clothes for Toby. We've also added things to the house. I will say, though, that I'm usually pretty good about purging things we no longer need or use. This will continue to be an ongoing thing for me.
Whew! Looking back, it appears I didn't do so well with my goals for the year. Of course, I realize now that several of these goals weren't really realistic. And let's face was probably not very smart to set that many goals at one time. Well, I suppose it wouldn't have been so bad if the goals were smaller.

Needless to say, I will NOT be setting 35 goals to reach before my 35th birthday. I think I'll just try to live one day at a time and enjoy every moment with my family. Now there's a good goal!

p.s. I woke up on this fine birthday morning with a eye! Who gets pink eye on their birthday? This is crazy, especially since it's the first time I've ever had it!!

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