Friday, August 6, 2010

Anthro lust.

I'm not exactly sure when I learned about Anthropologie. I saw some folks wearing interesting and beautiful items of clothing and would learn that they were from Anthro, as I like to call it. Well, I became much more aware of this purveyor of (luxury?) items within the past year, mostly through blogs and photo streams I like to follow.

We actually have a few things from Anthro. For example, Toby surprised me with this necklace...

in my Christmas stocking last year. And when we built the lockers in the utility room, we added these knobs...

aged zinnia knob

to the cabinets in the utility room to bring in the color of the lockers. When I was in the Memphis area for some training earlier this year, I actually got to visit, in person, my first ever Antro store. I picked up a letter "S" to hang on the wall similar (but not exactly like) the ones below...

pinwhale alphabet

and a few of the yellow latte bowls...

latte bowls

But that's pretty much the extent of our Anthro possessions.
Because we have purchased from them, we receive their catalog in the mail. I can't bring myself to tell them to stop. Have you SEEN their catalogs? No wonder their stuff is so expensive! Those photo shoots in exotic locations must cost a fortune! I view these catalogs as eye candy and am usually not tempted to buy anything else.

Well, fast forward to a couple of days ago when the latest catalog finds its way into my mailbox. It features stuff for fall and winter, which is a little hard to get my mind around given the 90+ degree temps we've been having lately. However, I did decide to choose my top five favorite items from the catalog and just see how much they'd cost, in total. So here it is. My top five favorite wants (lusts?) from the current Anthro catalog, in no particular order...

culmination blouse - $88.00

over the moon booties - $198.00

So let's see...that's a grand total of $890.00!!! Just for FIVE items! Wow. I guess I have really expensive taste. What else could I do with $890.00? A whole lot more than buy five articles of clothing, for sure. Oh well, a girl can dream;) If nothing else, I get inspiration for what to look for in other shops and at thrift stores to try to capture the same look for less!

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