Friday, June 4, 2010

weekend rewind...

..a week late.

We had a very nice Memorial Day weekend. We are so grateful for all our service men and women who work every day to protect our country and our freedoms.

Our weekend actually began Friday evening with dinner at Outback Steak House and a trip to Lewis and Clark Outfitters to shop for a pair of sandals for Sophia. We decided a more ‘outdoorsy’ pair might work, as I’d had absolutely no luck with Target, Dillard’s, etc. We were hoping to find a pair of Keen’s. L&C doesn’t carry children’s Keen’s, but they did have a pair of Teva’s that seemed to work really well. They don’t cover her toes, which was one of my goals, but they are supportive and hold her braces in place quite well. I think she likes them!

(Pause for a further rewind here…) A few weeks ago, we purchased a play yard/swing set for Sophia. It’s probably bigger than what she needs, but the price was good and the quality great. Fast forward to the weekend before last…Toby and I dropped Sophia at Grandma Jean’s house, and commenced construction of this behemoth. Another parent at Sophia’s school purchased the exact same set, and recommended that we sort all the parts first, before beginning. With over 350 pieces of lumber and over a thousand pieces of hardware, this was a great suggestion.

We decided on a location for the set, and began building. Five hours later, we didn’t feel like we’d made much progress. We had boards in the air and the basics of a tower structure…

but there were still large piles of wood on the driveway. We worked a bit more on Sunday afternoon, and Toby added a few pieces during the week.

Saturday morning of our holiday weekend began bright and early with Pa Paw and Granny arriving to help with the construction. Pa Paw and Toby started working, and I helped for a bit until time for my hair cut. Granny kept Sophia occupied/entertained and still managed to do my floors (thanks, Mom)!! After I got back from my hair appointment, I jumped right in to help with the play yard. My basic job duties included reading the instructions, finding the materials, and prepping the hardware. Pa Paw and Toby were both wielding power tools in an effort to make the process go a little faster.

Sophia did come outside every once in a while to check our progress and give us a few pointers….

We worked until about 2:30, with a brief stop for lunch. We made pretty good progress, including getting the ‘roof’ on the tower. I must say, this sort of thing goes much faster when you have two or three folks working on it!

After Sophia woke up from her nap, we decided on a very late afternoon trip into Fayetteville to shop for another pair of sandals, ideally Keens. Alas, we were too late. We arrived just after Pack Rat closed, so we went and grabbed a bite of dinner and wound our way leisurely home.

Sunday afternoon we headed to Grandma Jean and Granddad Tobe’s house for the annual “Cherry Picking Photo”. This is a tradition in the Slinkard family that has been around for several years. The little kids go to Granddad’s house when the cherries on the special cherry tree are ripe and get their photo taken climbing up the wooden ladder to pluck some of the red fruits from the limbs.

Sophia enjoyed picking the cherries, but didn’t eat too many. That could have something to do with the fact that she picked a bunch last week when they weren’t really ripe and ate several. She probably thought they were still a bit sour! She did have fun trying to feed them to Mommy, though….

After the requisite cherry picking, we ate lunch, and then left Sophia in the very capable hands of Grandma and Granddad so Toby and I could go grocery shopping. Yay. We got home and put all the groceries away and were just talking about going to pick up Sophia, when Grandma Jean called to say that Sophia had taken a two hour nap, but woke up with a fever of almost 103°! I headed over there right away, and sure enough, she was flushed and warm from head to toe. I gave her a dose of medicine to help with the fever, then headed home to cool off and take it easy. Toby and I rented the movie ‘Leap Year’ which was a predictable romantic comedy full of improbable slapstick. Oh well, it was pure mind candy, and helped us pass the afternoon with a sickly kiddo.

By Sunday night, Sophia seemed to be feeling a lot better. So, Monday morning, we decided to take a drive north to Bentonville to Compton Gardens. There is a trail in the Gardens that winds around and at one place on the trail, there is an overlook that has been constructed so that people can view the progress being made on the new Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. I've been wanting to see it for quite a while. We tossed the stroller in the back and headed out. The trail was clearly marked, and had lots of neat plantings all along the way. Thank goodness it was mostly shaded.

Toby and I took turns pushing Sophia and had a leisurely walk. At one point along the trail, there is a really nice bridge that crosses a ravine.

At this point, the Museum has given up on guessing when they'll open. They've already been working for a few years, and they probably have at least two more to go. It will be incredible, though...

We kept walking past the observation deck, and came across what appears to be a really old cemetery. The stones are really neat to look at.

As we rounded one corner on the trail, it went under the road and continued on. We saw this mirror, and I thought, "Wow! That would make a fun photo!" So, here it is...

We walked back to the car (uphill most of the way!), and went to grab a bit of lunch. Sophia didn't take a nap that afternoon, silly gal. Granny came over once again late in the afternoon so that Toby and I could work for a bit more on the swing set. I suppose I'll need to do a new blog post when it is all complete.

Overall, a very nice holiday weekend!


Anonymous said...

I love this about her swing set!! cousin Brenda wants to come watch her swing sometime!

Jessica said...

where is compton gardens in bentonville?

Slinkard Family said...


Compton Gardens is located about three blocks north of the Bentonville square at 312 Main. It's pretty easy to find!