Thursday, June 17, 2010


watching "Charwee and WoWa" on Daddy's iPad

Sophia’s vocabulary has really grown in the past few months. She is using many more words, and is able to string together several words to make complete sentences. Sometimes, though, the way she says things cracks me up! I’m not sure where she picked up some of these, but here are some favorite Sophia-isms:

Dongal Duck (Donald Duck)

Mickey Cwubhouse (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)

Where’s Daddy is? (or, Where’s Mommy/Aunt Susie/Granny/Dharma is?)

I wanna holdju, Mommy. (This means ‘I want you to hold me, Mommy’)

I wan swing the yewwow one. (She wants to swing on the yellow and green glider)

Go high the sky. (This means ‘Push me high in the sky’)

Owgigator = Alligator

I need dees gwasses. (said while pointing to my sunglasses…)

We are continually amazed at how Sophia is growing and developing every day. The human body and mind really are miraculous! We are so blessed to have her in our lives!

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