Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Another good report.

patiently waiting for the doctor

On Monday, we had a six month check-up with Sophia’s neurologist at the UAMS Centers for Children in Lowell. It was a great appointment. First, let me brag on them a little…

The nurse (Jessica) was at the reception area waiting for us when we got there (we were NOT late). After they got us checked in, we didn’t even sit down in the waiting area. We went straight back to the room for them to check Sophia’s vitals and update her history. She currently weighs 26.2 pounds and is 34.5” tall. Her blood pressure was good, as were her heart rate and respiration. After that update, we were taken to the exam room, where within three minutes, another nurse (also named Jessica) came in to check her medication history. After that was complete, we waited a total of about another three minutes before the doctor came in. How’s that for medical care service?!

We started the visit by reviewing/updating what’s happened since December. The doctor was very impressed by the progress Sophia has made. She almost couldn’t believe Sophia’s language explosion and the breadth of her vocabulary. We talked about her therapies and how they’ve been progressing. We talked about Sophia’s potty training, to which the doctor replied, “If you’re already potty training at 2 ½, that’s really aggressive. Most kids with CP are delayed.” These are my thoughts on this comment:

  • Sophia’s school is treating her like a ‘normal’ child and beginning the potty training now.
  • They are very serious about this process and there’s no going back now.
  • Sophia is already going in the potty a few times a day, so she must be really advanced!

At any rate, Dr. B was so pleased with how well Sophia is doing overall. After we did the review, it was time for the physical exam. Dr. B checked her tone, flexibility, reflexes, vision, and listened to her heart and lungs. She also had Sophia do some motor skills tests like transferring an object from one hand to the other, reaching overhead for objects and walking back and forth. Sophia did very well, overall. The biggest issue remains her legs/feet. Her feet, especially the right one, roll to the inside and she continues to walk up on her toes. This is causing her legs to turn in and her knees to be bent when she’s standing and walking. It also contributes to her abnormal gait. There is a new developmental pediatrician at the Centers, and Dr. B said she wants us to have her evaluated for possible Botox treatments and a night splint that will help hold her leg in a stretched position over night. Dr. Steffans at ACH had also recommended that we see this new doctor. Dr. B suggested that as it is about time for Sophia to have new braces, she wants the new doctor to evaluate Sophia and order the braces specifically to help address some of these issues. I’m glad we got some more focus on this issue, as it has been my primary concern. I feel like we might have more options now! We will see Dr. Karkos in August.

I’m so proud of Sophia and all the hard work she is doing in her therapies and at school. She is such a good kid. She did great in the doctor’s office and didn’t fuss one time! We celebrated her appointment by having some lunch at Dickey’s Barbeque Pit before taking her back to school. Poor thing…she was so tired by this point that she fell asleep in the car on the way back to school! We love our sweet girl!

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