Thursday, April 15, 2010

a very happy Easter, indeed

Our Easter celebration this year actually began on Saturday evening. Jerry and Melissa were kind enough to host the 2nd Annual Harvey/Underwood/Slinkard Egg Dyeing Extravaganza. OK, I just made that name up. But, after going to the Underwood's last year and dyeing eggs (bear in mind that Sophia is the only child amongst us), we decided it would be fun to make it a tradition. This year we met at the Harvey's. The designated couple (I won't name names) forgot to bring the egg dye kit. So, we had to work it 'old school' with food coloring and vinegar. Evidence below...

I think the eggs turned out really well, considering our makeshift tools, etc. I think it made it more fun, anyway.

I decided that for Easter, Sophia could have a reprieve from her braces. They require socks underneath, and can get very hot. So, I went to Target to buy a cute pair of sandals to match her even cuter Easter dress. I also decided it was time to paint this gal's toenails. She's never had them painted before. On the recommendation of a friend, we painted them a color called 'Jade is the New Black'. A bit bold (green), but really cute, nonetheless!

On Easter Sunday, we went to church, and them home for a bit before going to Grandma Jean's house. Sophia got two Easter baskets, plus a box of Easter goodies from our friends in Germany. The kid made out like a bandit...

After lunch, the egg hunting commenced. It was so exciting to see Sophia take off looking for eggs. This is the first year she's really understood the concept of hunting for eggs and was mobile enough to do so without a lot of help. I think she really enjoyed it. She was constantly saying, "I get a more aigs!" Yes, she says 'eggs' with an accent.

No trip to Grandma Jean's house is complete without some sort of ride. Nicolas hooked the little metal wagon to the golf cart, and Aunt Susie rode around with Sophia. They all had a great time, and we couldn't have asked for better weather!

Later in the afternoon, when we got home, Sophia wanted to go outside to play some more. Lately, she's been very interested in my glasses, particularly my sunglasses. On this afternoon, she really wanted to wear them, so I let her put them on. She was strutting around the driveway with my over sized sun specs on...

It was a very happy Easter, indeed!

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Mark and Cari said...

Oh my gosh! Look at that hair! I'm so jealous!
Sophia looks adorable and I can't wait to see her again and get her and Calloway together to play. Save time for us on May 8th!