Thursday, April 29, 2010

a good report.

On Monday, April 26, we traveled to Little Rock for an appointment for Sophia with a rehabilitation specialist at Arkansas Children's Hospital. The appointment was a long time coming. We were originally scheduled to go at the beginning of March, but were rescheduled to the end of April.

We decided to drive down, attend the appointment, and drive back all in the same day. We made really good time driving to the Rock, and arrived right at lunch time. The Flying Fish restaurant was recommended to Toby by a fellow teacher, so we headed there for some catfish. The food was good, and the place was very busy.

After we ate lunch, we decided to head on over to ACH. We had heard they have a pretty extensive campus to explore.

ACH has a pretty nice playground area for patients and visitors. Sophia took off 'running' around.

She also really enjoyed climbing up the stairs.

On the opposite side of the play yard, there is a pretty waterfall/fountain.

Daddy taught Sophia how to throw coins in the fountain.

Then it was finally time for our appointment at the Neuroscience Center.

We were seen by Dr. Stefans, who gave us a good report, over all. Sophia is doing remarkably well. She weighs in at 26 lbs. 14 oz. and is right at 34" tall. We can remove her leg rotation control straps for a while, particularly while we are working on potty training. She recommended a different kind of brace, which we will probably order when she outgrows her current braces. She mentioned that we can do horseback riding therapy, and even a dance class, if we want. It is important for Sophia to continue to build her strength, so she can learn to control her movements better. We will be using the walker again if we are going to be walking for longer distances or if Sophia is really tired. Dr. Stefans recommended that we start seeing the new developmental pediatrician at UAMS Centers for Children in Lowell, where we see Sophia's neurologist, so that we don't have to drive back to Little Rock. She prescribed Baclofen, which is a muscle relaxer, but I'm not sure I want to have it filled. It can have some pretty significant side effects, and Sophia's tone/spasticity doesn't seem to be too bad right now. We'll just have to pay close attention when she has growth spurts to make sure we are stretching the muscles to keep up with the long bone growth. We also got hip x-rays, just to make sure there aren't any problems and to get a base line.

We were at the hospital, including check-in, wait times, visiting with the doctor, and x-rays, for about three hours. Sophia did really well. She didn't get too fussy, even though I know she was tired because she hadn't had a nap. We headed home right after the appointment, and Sophia slept in the car for about two hours. We made it home safely, though exhausted. I'm glad we had the appointment, but I'm also glad it's over!

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