Saturday, February 27, 2010

See the fishies?

On President's Day weekend, we took Sophia to the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks, Oklahoma. When we went to the zoo last fall, she had so much fun that we decided she would probably enjoy the aquarium as well. Plus, we've heard great things about it.

So, off we went. We stopped for a nice breakfast at Panera, then drove straight to the aquarium. Sophia got so excited when she saw the fishes in the tanks. She would glance at one tank then point to the next and say, "Go dis way." It was so sweet! She could hardly slow down long enough to really look at all the creatures inside the tanks.

We came to an 'interactive' part of the aquarium, where you can touch starfish, crabs and shrimp. As much as Sophia liked trying to grab the fish through the glass, she wasn't so sure about actually touching the creatures 'for real'. I held her hand in mine to touch a starfish!

We enjoyed looking at the wide variety of species, especially some unusual ones actually caught in Oklahoma waters. We also enjoyed walking through/under the shark tank. We got to see the beavers and the sea otters being fed lunch.

As part of our admission to the aquarium, we also got to visit the attached fishing tackle museum. I believe it is the largest collection of such items, certainly the most valuable, in the world. While I'm not into fishing that much, it truly was a neat exhibit.

After we left the museum, we decided to grab some lunch. Toby searched online for a 'top restaurant in Tulsa' recommendation. The name 'Knotty Pine BBQ' popped up repeatedly. So, we programmed the address in the GPS, and off we went. As we were getting closer and closer, the scenery really began to change. We were seeing lots of industrial buildings, bars on the windows, nobody outside, etc. After a few more minutes...there it was. Knotty Pine BBQ. The parking lot was packed! We figured it must be good. The sign was ca. 1952, when it was originally founded. When we walked in, we saw folks from bikers to suits enjoying plates of delicious looking food. We sat down, ordered our food, and sure enough, it was wonderful!

Sophia must have enjoyed the day thoroughly, because she slept most of the way home! I love family day trips...

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