Friday, February 12, 2010

a letter to Sophia

**I hope to post letters to Sophia on a regular basis going forward. It is my hope that she will look back on these letters when she is older and find joy in knowing what was happening in our lives and our prayers and dreams for her.

My Dearest Sophia,

Lately you are growing and changing so much every day. As Ms. Keely said in her text message to me yesterday, you are definitely experiencing a ‘vocabulary explosion’! I am so proud of how much you are learning each and every day. Currently, your favorite books are your ‘Charlie and Lola’ books. Right now, you have seven. I’m sure we’ll get more. When you were in the hospital last month, we literally almost wore out three of them. Within days of getting a new one, it already looks well loved! You also particularly like your Lola doll.

We have recently begun letting you watch some cartoons on television. Your favorites are ‘Charlie and Lola’ (big surprise), ‘Mickey Mouse Clubhouse’, ‘Jungle Junction’ and ‘Disney’s Little Einsteins’ (which you refer to as ‘Pat Pat’). It doesn’t even matter to you if you see the same episode several times in one week.

You are making such great progress with your therapies. You amaze all of us with your strength and resilience. You are such a determined (and, dare I say, strong willed?) little girl and that will be an important trait for you as you grow. I would certainly NOT say you are experiencing the “Terrible Two’s”. Yes, you have your moments….the occasional melt down, difficulty getting to sleep at night and still using a paci. But, you are such a wonderful child. You are curious and smart. You are funny and sweet. Most of all, you are loving. You make our lives so much better.

We will visit Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock next month to meet with a rehabilitation specialist to talk about your current braces and other equipment and your tone issues. Your pediatrician recommended we do this. While I don’t think it’s completely necessary, it won’t hurt to have another specialized opinion to make sure we’re doing everything we absolutely can to assist you in your development.

We are so loving having you in our lives. Daddy and I get so much enjoyment from watching you learn and experience new things. For example…you had your very first Valentine’s Day party today at school. How sweet to share all those little valentines with one another.

Speaking of school, your ‘best friend’ at school is Madison. Everyone calls her Maddie, and everyone in class calls you Phia (Fee-ya). I think it’s super sweet. You like all your teachers, especially Ms. Becky, and are thriving in your classroom. The structure and the ‘work’ you do are really helping you learn and are reinforcing a lot of the work done by your therapists. I am so grateful for good quality daycare.

I want you to always know that Daddy and I love you very much. We are so proud of you. I am excited to watch you as you continue growing, even though I miss the little ‘baby’ stage(s).



Sophia & Madison - BFF's

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