Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Freezing weather + not being fully recovered from the holidays + lack of sleep + sick baby = my reality today....

ghost of Christmas past (still) on my dining table


remains of the breakfast

unwashed egg pan

unmade bed

stack of laundry

pile of laundry

Normally, this would all drive me crazy. However, I'm too tired to be crazy today. I just want my baby to feel better.

*NOTE: after a herculean tag team effort with TBMITW (The Best Mother In The World), the household is now under (a little more) control. Bed is made, dining table cleared, most of the laundry done, and a better sense of order. I guess that means I can go to bed now!


Karen said...

Oh, I hope Sophia feels better soon! Did you get her on Tamiflu?

My house is falling apart, but I have no excuse. Thankfully Bill's out of town until tomorrow night, so I have t-minus 36 hours to get it put together again.

Jessica said...

I love how much you are blogging!! : )