Friday, October 30, 2009

best gift ever?

I arrived home from work this evening to find Granddad and Grandma Jean's van in the driveway. I thought, how sweet....they came to visit Sophia. When I went in the house, I heard lots of laughing, and the sound of Sophia's voice saying, "See that baby?" over and over.

I walked around the corner, and I saw my little darling sitting in the cutest little white rocking chair, EVER! She was rocking forward and backward very hard and staring at photos of herself on the TV. (Yes, we show photo slide shows of her to herself, and she loves it!) We had been talking about getting her a little chair to sit in, because she always wants to sit in her room and read books. Well, this is perfect. It's a little big, but she can grow in to it. Also, she can climb in it and sit down really well. We had so much fun watching her enjoy this wonderful new gift! The other best part.....Granddad and Grandma got one just like it for their house!!

And just for fun, a cute close-up of our little 22 month old!

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