Thursday, September 3, 2009


My observations on observation. But first, a brief history lesson. About me.

I think I have always been an observer. I’ve always noticed details others missed or simply chose to ignore. I like the act of observation; especially people watching…one of my favorite ways to pass time. People are endlessly fascinating. Give me a busy airport any day, and I can amuse myself for hours. I enjoy observing other things as well – the weather, animals at the zoo, etc.

Recent observations:
• The motorcycle cops for the City of Fayetteville wear awesome boots
• Pepto-Bismol pink is not a good color for a car
• The old one-lane bridge across the Illinois River near our house is lovely
• There are some really mean people in this world
• Sophia is the most adorable child. Ever.
• The walking/biking trail system in Fayetteville gets used A LOT
• Home made gifts are so wonderful to receive

Another part of my background is that for most of my adult life, I’ve thought I just might want to live in a large(r) city, namely Dallas. I ‘lived’ there briefly during college and have visited numerous times. I like the energy and all that such a metropolitan area has to offer. The food, museums, shopping, cultural activities, traffic (well, maybe not). To date, this thought has not become reality, and that’s okay.

Which brings me to my biggest observation of late:

Northwest Arkansas really is a great place to live! I’m sure this is not a shock to most people who live around these parts. Given the growth of recent years, we now have the majority of chain restaurants available in much larger cities. We have more shopping choices than ever. There are a few large department stores that have yet to grace us with their cushy-carpeted, well lit, overpriced, retail presence. But seriously, who needs a Neiman Marcus (or, Needless Markup, as it’s known at our house)? We have some great locally owned shops that provide a unique variety of products not available in the larger stores, anyway. With the addition of the Crystal Bridges Museum, northwest Arkansas will also be home to one of the premier museums of American art in the country. I think this post is beginning to sound as though it belongs on the local tourism board website…

Regardless, this observation is strong in my mind right now. I’m grateful to live here.

p.s. Observation side note: Trailside Café and Tea Room in Fayetteville is a pretty nice place to have lunch

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Mark and Cari said...

I think you need to edit your post to read: Sophia is one of the two most adorable children in this world. Calloway is up there with her!