Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lately you...

Sophia, lately you...

  • are having a vocabulary explosion. You are learning new words every day!
  • are doing so well walking with your walker.
  • have graduated to Early Primary class at school.
  • have started climbing...on everything.
  • are starting to drink out of a regular cup.
  • are saying "yes" and "no" when we ask you questions.
  • are loving the swing Daddy hung for you in the tree.
  • like to take your shoes off while riding in your car seat.
  • are getting more curls in your hair.
  • have been fitted for some new braces.
  • love to look at yourself in photos. You say, "See dat baby!"
  • continue to remind Daddy and me how blessed we are to have you!
We love you, and are soooo proud of you!

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