Friday, August 28, 2009

34 by 34

Today I turn 33. Happy Birthday to me! I've always heard that in goal setting, writing it down has a big impact on whether or not you accomplish the goal. So, I've decided to set some goals for myself and write them down for ALL to see. In fact, I'm setting 34 goals to complete by my 34th birthday. Those who read this can help keep me accountable to achieve these goals. Most are fairly specific, some are more general in nature. Some will be ongoing, others finite.

In no particular order:
1) finish Sophia's baby book through year one
2) learn 250 words in German
3) blog at least once a week
4) clean and organize the garage
5) finish utility room lockers
6) have a professional family portrait made
7) finish imaging all financial records
8) omitted for privacy reasons
9) drink at least two bottles of water per day (I'm horrible at water consumption)
10) finish Sophia' quilt
11) do a monthly (or weekly) meal plan
12) purge my scarf collection
13) finish editing all digital photos
14) make a new wreath for the front door
15) send two handwritten notes/cards per month
16) decorate front porch
17) practice photography skills weekly
18) recover breakfast room chairs
19) purchase at least one piece of original artwork
20) walk 30 minutes per day, 3 times per week
21) read one book per month (for fun!)
22) read at least six personal development books
23) organize my scrap space
24) make a scrapbook page about this list
25) stop sweating the small stuff (yeah, right;))
26) get a new pair of tennis shoes (finally)
27) find and start a new daily devotional (any recommendations?)
28) re-establish cleaning routine
29) buy a new pair of dress boots
30) make an actual budget for Christmas spending
31) travel to Germany
32) send photos of Calloway to Cari
33) get a new home computer
34) learn to live with less

Hmmm...I'm seeing the word 'finish' quite often. Not sure what that means. Perhaps I need to do a better job of finishing what I start. Or, perhaps it means I shouldn't start so many projects at once. Regardless, this is the list. Here goes...


Lanny said...

Happy birthday, sis. I love you oodles and gobs. About your list, may I suggest Joyce Meyer for a daily devotional. I love her devotions and they have always been helpful to me. I also like Our Daily Bread...which is free. As a side note to your niece Brianna is really getting into wearing scarves so you might keep her in mind when you "organize" your collection.

Boop said...

Also your niece Libby is into the whole scarf fad! And I'm so proud of you and all your accomplishments, even if it means there are some you need to "finish"! Have a super duper day and focus on YOU!

Mark and Cari said...

As far as a devotional goes, I came upon one last weekend at Women of Faith. I think it's going to be great. "A Grand New Day" a year of daily inspiration and encouragement, written by the women of faith.

Karen said...

You go!