Thursday, May 14, 2009


Yesterday, Toby picked up Sophia from school early to 'hang out'. As usual, when the weather is warm, hanging out with Daddy means a ride in the little red wagon...

Mommy's hat did the trick to block the sun!

Aunt Susie came over to watch American Idol, and helped feed Sophia dinner. She happened to bring some of Grandma Jean's stew with her. Sophia enjoyed playing with the carrots more than eating them, though...

But, Sophia loves her Aunt Susie very much and enjoyed having her around at dinner time.

Sophia and Aunt Susie playing the mimicking game as evidenced below...

Fortunately for me, Toby made us a lovely dinner of grilled salmon and rice with vegetables. It was wonderful!

All in all all, a lovely evening with the family.

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