Tuesday, March 17, 2009

On a Tuesday evening in March

we had a lovely family dinner at my Mom's house. The occasion? It's Spring Break week, and Mark, Cari, and Calloway journeyed back to northwest Arkansas from Ft. Worth for a visit. I am so proud and blessed that my family makes an effort to get together on a regular basis, especially when one of our birds that has left the nest returns home, even if only for a brief time. Of course, the family is always excited to get Sophia and Calloway together. Though born only 38 hours apart (exactly), they are very different girls. They are actually closer in height and weight than I expected them to be. I guess that means Sophia really is tall, since she was actually born two months early! I wish Mark and Cari lived closer so the girls could get together and play more, but I know they are right where they need to be.

Calloway keeps growing, though Toby pointed out in the car on the way home that her appearance has changed less since birth than Sophia's. Could have something to do with Sophia being a preemie. Calloway is really becoming Miss Independent. She has a mind of her own and can walk when she's not thinking about it. I love her eyes...

We tried to get the girls to play together. Calloway would give Sophia her toys (balls), but them want to take them right back...

I love that my sisters enjoy spending time with Sophia. LeAnn, especially. She loves to hold Sophia at ever opportunity. Sophia is fine with that...

One thing Calloway did share is her books. Sophia really enjoyed looking at this book about farm animals. I think we have this same one on the shelf in her bedroom. We'll have to dig it out.

One of the sweetest things about Calloway is that she will give hugs and kisses when you ask her to. She hugged Sophia several times, though it doesn't appear that Sophia was really in the mood to be affectionate with her cousin...

Libby called while we were eating dinner and said that she was at Drake Field with a student doing a cross country flight. She told us to go outside around 7:00p and look up. She would try to fly directly overhead. What a beautiful evening to gather outside with family, chat, and wait to see if we could 'connect' with yet another family member. I took several photos while waiting, and when I pulled them off the camera, this one struck me...

How lovely is this photo? The expressions, the color. I am so proud of Cari. What a great little mom she is. She is such a natural. Such ease in this role. (Note: Cari thinks she's Irish because she's wearing her green!)

Of course, I had to get a shot of the whole gang milling about in the driveway to watch for Libby. I'm sure the several cars that drove by wondered what the heck we were doing...

We never actually saw Libby. Not sure if we missed her, or she missed us. Oh well, we made a memory.

Other memories of the evening:
  • Dinner menu - The Usual: fried chicken, mashed potatoes, biscuits, gravy, beans, corn, rolls, fried okra, and for dessert, banana pudding and cake.
  • Watching Calloway take steps without assistance.
  • Listening to Sophia's absolutely adorable little giggles when Cari and LeAnn were rolling the little plastic car back and forth.
  • Trying to get Sophia to 'crawl' to Byron.
  • Watching Toby, Mark and Brianna send text messages and various blue-toothable items back and forth, all while in the same room!
  • Massaging the shoulders of my sisters. Wish I could do it for them more often.
  • My mom. What a great cook. What a great mom. So supportive of us, concerned for our well being, and happy that we all still get together and talk on a regular basis. In fact, I don't think there's a day that goes by without her talking to at least one of us girls.
  • Not being able to joke about Jimmy eating all the gravy. He was repairing a fence:(
I have the best family.


Libby said...

Well, it sounds like you guys had fun without me.... Wish I could've been there. We actually got vectored more north than west after we took off, so we didn't get to fly over, but it's nice to know ya'll didn't mind looking silly wandering around in the front yard looking for me!!! Great pictures!

Boop said...

I love our family too, just sad when some are missing, and sad for them when they miss. I love those babies so much, wish I "could" hold them more!