Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"I do" x 2 = A busy weekend.

It seems this past weekend was the weekend to get hitched. It all started Friday morning (yes, Friday) with Toby's brother Jeff. He and his beautiful fiance Ava tied the knot near the river at Cliff and Niki's campground. I was not able to attend the wedding because of work. However, Toby was out of school for Spring Break, so he loaded up Sophia, and headed to see the vows, set to happen at 10:00 am. He arrived early at 9:45 am, very proud of himself considering he had to get Sophia ready. I guess Jeff and Ava were really excited to get married, though, because by the time Toby and Sophia got there, they'd already had the ceremony! Toby and Sophia stuck around for the toast and to eat some fresh strawberries. I'm really happy for Jeff. He seems very happy, and I think Ava is good for him.

On Sunday afternoon, we were honored to attend the wedding of our good friends Jerry and Melissa. Toby was actually the 'best man', though they really didn't have bridal attendants. Toby and Jerry became friends while teaching at Pea Ridge Middle School several years ago. He and Melissa are a joy to be around, and we are so happy they found each other. Sophia and I went to the bridal shower on Saturday. Sunday arrived full of sunshine and blissful weather. All in all, the perfect day for a lovely outdoor ceremony. It was a simple ceremony, yet wonderfully done. Jerry's dad performed the ceremony, which was beautiful, and very "Jerry and Melissa." You can really see how much these two love each other!

Since our little family was a bit dressed up for the occasion, a family picture was mandatory...

Quite a busy weekend, but packed full of love, good times, and happy memories. Now it's back to the regular family routine.

I've just realized that I still haven't posted all of our Christmas pics, and none from Sophia's birthday. Bad blogger! I'll put that on my list of things to do right along with 'catch up filing which is woefully behind but now easier because I have a new file cabinet', 'clean out and reorganize the pantry', 'clean the bathroom shower with the steam cleaner because I think I'm seeing gunk in the door tracks', and 'scrapbook more'!

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