Sunday, January 11, 2009

in the meantime...

I haven't had a lot of time lately to work on uploading Christmas and birthday photos, as promised. However, I thought I'd post some photos of Sophia's 2008 Christmas tree.

We were going to put up another one of our 9' (read: large) Christmas trees in her room. This would have required rearranging the furniture, a trip to off site storage, a minimum two-hour assembly and lots of decorations. Things happened; time passed. The tree never made it to our house from storage. So, I improvised by bringing in a 'woodland' tree we've had for some time. Set-up time: five minutes (the time it took to carry it from the garage, put it in Sophia's room, and stabilize it). It was pre-lit. At first I thought I would be a bit disappointed with the finished product, but I actually quite liked it. It was fairly easy to decorate because of its manageable size, and it looked really 'full' because it didn't take a lot of ornaments, etc., to fill it up. I think it worked really well in her room, and required no rearranging of the furniture!

'Baby's First Christmas' ornament courtesy of Aunt Boop..

Lovely glass hummingbird ornament courtesy of Granddad Tobe..

Perhaps we'll wrangle in the big tree for 2009!?


Lilliana said...

I like the little tree for the little girl. It's adorable. I need to take tree decorating lessons from you!

Karen said...

This tree's so adorable, I wouldn't bother with a big tree next year!

Jessica said...

Gorgeous, of course! : )