Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm thankful for..

..a child who loves bath time!

Sophia has always enjoyed her baths. In the beginning, she mostly tolerated them. But as she's gotten older and bigger, she really enjoys them a lot. It appears that it's not at all about getting clean and smelling nice. It's all about chewing on her bath toys, and splashing as much water as possible out of her tub. Just recently, I've had to start putting her bathtub inside one of our 'big people' bathtubs so that when she splashes out half her bath water, it just runs out the drain!

This kid is a water baby..

splashing in action..

Medical Update: Sophia hasn't been sleeping well the past couple of nights. She would wake up every little bit crying. Those of you who know my child know that she doesn't cry. So, of course, I was trying to figure out what was wrong. Nothing I tried seemed to work to help soothe her. She stayed home from school yesterday, but seemed to do okay during the day. So, we decided she would go to school today. Well, Ms. Linda called about 10:00a to tell me that Sophia's temperature was 101.4 degrees. Yikes! I immediately called to schedule a doctor's appointment and went to collect her from school. The diagnosis? An ear infection in both ears. Eardrum rupture in the right ear. I cried when I heard the doctor tell me this. No wonder my poor baby was crying. I would be, too! We now have antibiotics and ear drops, and we are hopeful that she will be feeling much better by this weekend!

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