Sunday, November 9, 2008

I'm thankful for..

..good health insurance.

I am fortunate to work for an institution that offers medical insurance as a benefit. And since the birth of our beautiful daughter, we know what a benefit it is. Of course, we've received benefit before. Yearly check-ups, the occasional sinus infection, an emergency appendectomy (Susan). But this year, our total medical bills will reach into the six figures. Compared to what they could be, that's not bad. However, because of our insurance, we will only have had to pay a fraction (a small fraction) of that total. I can't imagine facing these kinds of bills with no insurance. Yet, people do it every day. I don't want to start a debate about our nation's health care system. Let me just say that all insurance companies are not bad. In fact, ours is pretty good. I have a case manager who I still talk to on a regular basis regarding Sophia's ongoing care and therapy. Yes, a real live human who's direct phone number I have in my possession. I can call her any time. Our insurance company has been very flexible with us, and despite the rep that most get, ours has not hesitated to cover ANY treatment or therapy recommended by Sophia's team of health care providers.

This kind of care is not cheap...but worth EVERY penny. By the way, the photo above was taken January 1, 2008. Sophia spent her first New Year's Day in this tiny plastic bubble with lots of tubes and wires. This coming New Year's Day will be a lot more fun!

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