Friday, November 28, 2008

Christmas Tree How-To

My version of how to decorate a Christmas tree.

Step 1: Identify location for Christmas tree..

Step 2: Assemble tree..

Step 3: Fluff branches until tree appears full and relatively even..

Step 4: Place round/ball ornaments evenly around tree..

Step 5: Add other items such as ornaments, flowers and floral picks/stems..

Steps 6 & 7: Add pieces of ribbon to fill in gaps, and add picks and ribbon to top of tree..

Step 8: Enjoy! (And add presents underneath!)

NOTE: Need better photos of finished product
NOTE: This tree is color coordinated, though I'm all for the tree that has everything from vintage glass balls to popsicle stick snowmen!
NOTE: I also like angels, stars and bows as tree toppers
NOTE: More photos of Christmas decorations to come

1 comment:

Karen said...

That's a gorgeous tree, Susan!!

I have a purple & gold themed tree, and I got all the ornaments up, but I just couldn't deal with the foliage/stems like usual. They get glitter everywhere. In fact, just from opening the bag then touching Henry, he looked like a glitter monster. :)