Saturday, October 25, 2008

the pumpkin patch

Today, we took Sophia to the pumpkin patch. Well, let me clarify. It wasn't literally a pumpkin patch. More like the front lawn of Sequoyah United Methodist Church in Fayetteville with tons of pumpkins laid out neatly on pallets. Close enough. We really just wanted to get Sophia's photo amongst some of these orange giants to celebrate her first fall season and Halloween. Now, we're not much in to Halloween. However, for this year, we have invested in a costume for little bit. You'll see that in a blog post next weekend. In the mean time, here are some photos we took today at the 'Pumpkin Patch'. Enjoy!

We came home with this one...

"Daddy, are you done taking my picture, yet?" ~Sophia...

And, of course, one with Mommy!

We may actually carve the pumpkin we got today. If we do, we'll post photos of our handy work. Oh. We also came home with a little bitty pumpkin, just right for Sophia. It'll be placed in her room, I think!

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Jessica said...

Love her Fall outfit!