Sunday, October 19, 2008


On Saturday evening, we were very pleased to host an engagement party for this wonderful couple...

Jerry and Toby used to teach together at Pea Ridge. Though they both now teach at different schools, they have remained good friends. For those of you who have been to my house, Jerry is the one who Toby worked with to create all that fabulous wood work behind our house (the porch screen, the pergola).

A few months ago, Jerry told us that he had gone out on a couple of dates with a new woman. We were very excited for him, but you know, not just anybody would do for Jerry. Well, after a while longer of dating, we finally got to meet Melissa. Toby and I both immediately liked her, and more importantly, we can see how happy she makes Jerry.

In late summer, they announced that they are engaged. Since Melissa's family live up north in those New Jersey parts, we decided to help them celebrate the engagement with a gathering of friends and family. Saturday night, over 30 people joined us to toast Jerry and Melissa as they are celebrating this chapter in their lives. We could not have asked for better food, company or weather. We built a fire in the fireplace outside, we had the music going and I think (hope) everyone had a good time. Only one disappointment of the evening - the Razorbacks, of course!

Congratulations and best wishes the bride and groom. We are looking forward to the wedding!

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