Sunday, September 14, 2008

Philbrook Phun

On the day of Libby's (my niece) wedding, we decided to spend the morning and early afternoon going into downtown Tulsa to visit the Philbrook Museum and to do a bit of shopping. We toured the main level of the museum, which was formerly a mansion. We suggest you go if you get the chance!

Behind the museum are some very beautiful gardens. We decided to go sit outside the cafe to have a drink and feed Sophia, then head down into the gardens to take some photos.

Be prepared, this post is a bit long!

Here is Sophia sitting on Mommy's lap at the table. I love this bib. It says it all!

I ordered a raspberry tea to sip while we were resting. Sophia was very interested in what I had to drink. She kept watching me...

Then staring at the tea...

I guess it looked good, because then she tried to drink the tea!

There was a large grassy area below the informal gardens. We decided to set Sophia in the grass to get some photos. Aren't these adorable?

Here are some shots of the garden. Here you can see the upper garden, which is formal. This waterfall went all the way down the center, and lines up with the gazebo in the distance.

I love this shot of one of the water fountains in the garden...

Here is a pretty good shot of the rear of the museum. The architecture is beautiful.

And, of course, Mommy and Daddy had to take turns getting their photo taken with the lovely Miss Sophia.



Thankfully, we found someone to take a photo of our little family!

To view all the photos from this fun time, click on the flickr link to the right. I've got a set call 'The Philbrook'. Too many photos to include in this one post!

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Jessica said...

We have been to Philbrook several times. It is so pretty on the grounds!