Sunday, August 10, 2008

family {meeting}

This weekend Toby's Aunt Jerry Sue came to Hogeye for a visit all the way from northern Illinois. I had not met her, and she hadn't gotten to meet Sophia, either. So, on Sunday afternoon, most of the family convened at Grandma Jean's house for lunch and a good family visit.

Aunt Jerry Sue ~

We headed outdoors as soon as it stopped raining. Sophia got to ride around in her pretty stroller that Grandma Jean got to keep at her house.

Cliff spied some good looking eats from the garden, so they picked them, and decided to have a little tasting.

Savannah tried the cantaloupe. Looks good!

The verdict? All gone!!

I was able to snap this wonderful photo of Susie (Toby's sister) and her friend Larry. What a cute couple!

This afternoon really was about family. Here's some of the gang hanging out near the garden..

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Jessica said...

Hey there! I actually saw your hubby in passing at a workshop- but I know he doesn't me, and we were both in a hurry, so I didn't stop to talk. : )
How was Libby's shower? I have been so swamped with things at work and home, I have missed out on so much. I even missed Robin's wedding. : ( Sad day!

How is your sweet baby girl?