Tuesday, August 5, 2008

another long post...

This past weekend was another time chock full of activities and family. First, and foremost, Saturday, August 2nd was our 12 year anniversary! It's true - time flies when you're having fun!

Also this weekend, Toby's nephew Zach and his family came in from Texas, along with our niece Summer and her family from California. We converged on Susie's lake house on Beaver Lake for a day of summer fun. When we arrived, all the little girls (our great nieces) wanted to play with Sophia.

Camdyn and Ryan had a good time entertaining Sophia. . .

Alex thought sitting in the Bumbo looked like fun, so she'd try it out... Isn't she cute?

After lunch, almost everyone went down to the dock to swim. We proceeded to have a *competition* to see who could do the best job jumping off the dock:)


Zach in mid-flip:

Savannah going airborne:

Camdyn doing a modified cannon ball:

Jeff and Cliff got the boat fixed, so several of the crew decided to go out for a brief spin aroud the cove. We didn't think Sophia was ready for all this excitement yet, so we stayed on shore.

After the heat got the best of us, we headed inside to cool off. What better way than by having a tasty treat?

Or taking a nap...

Sunday was Grandma Jean's birthday, so we headed back south to Hogeye for a celebration at Cliff and Niki's house. Sophia wore a cute orange dress to the party. . .

On a hot day like we had Sunday, we had to jump in the pool, of course. Here are some shots of the family enjoying this backyard resort...

Here's the whole gang loungin together. What a great time and a happy birthday for Grandma Jean! Thanks, Larry, for taking the picture.

I took WAY too many photos to include in this post, so be sure to check out our flickr page. You can access it by clicking on the photo bar on the right hand side of this blog! I'll be adding pictures for the next few days!

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