Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Tonight, we had the privilege of going over to the home of one of Toby's fellow teachers for dinner. Mrs. Dozier (Kathy), and her husband Les are also the proud owners and operators of a blueberry farm. Mrs. Robinson (Becky) and her husband Wesi, and Mr. Echols (Bob) were also there. Ms. Kathy made us a delicious dinner of enchiladas and Mexican casserole. And dessert was, of course, a blueberry pie. Now, I'm normally not that big a fan of blueberries. But let me tell you - that pie was delicious!! Everyone cleaned their plate (some twice)!

After dinner we grabbed a bucket and headed out the back door to the blueberry patch to take advantage of what will surely be some of the last berries of the season. Sophia got to go help us pick. Here she is gazing at the vines...

Here are some shots of these darling fruits while still on the vine....

and here they are at our house ready for inclusion in some wonderful blueberry pancakes later this week!

Thanks again, Ms. Kathy, for having us over. It was a wonderful evening.

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